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New Jersey’s Award-Winning Event Venue & Banquet Hall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Experience the magic and beauty of The Elan. Browse the brochure and imagine the possibilities...

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New Jersey’s Award Winning Event Venue & Banquet Hall

Experience the magic and beauty of The Elan. 

The Journey began with "Yes", and continues with "I do"

In response to the ever-changing times and the needs of the modern Bride and Groom, the Elan has developed a system for “complete event pre-production.” 

This system supplies you, your family and guests with a pre-planned environment that promises a stress-free celebration that reflects the grandest dreams of your event day.

Your Consultation is your first step down the aisle. More than just a tour, this is your opportunity to begin creating your customized Elan experience by sharing the ideas that have shaped your vision of your perfect event. 

Your Consultation is held by an experienced manager whose aim and focus is to answer every question about our unique event systems and give general industry information as well as supply you with all the tools needed to make informed decisions. 

Our goal is that the magical experience of your event begin with your first visit to the Elan, not your final visit on your event day. Our passion is turning dreams into reality and sharing in your joy! We look forward to meeting you and discussing your perfect vision with you soon!

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Inquire and schedule a tour with us. When you’re ready to turn dreams into reality, our Event Planners will guide you so we can get your big day off to a stellar start.

Experience the magic and beauty of The Elan.

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